Call Centre Job

A call centre is an office setting that's filled with employees who call themselves "agents" or "customer service representatives". A call centre job requires the customer service staff to answer calls, chat conversations or emails to address client complaints or concerns. To do this, those who hold a call centre job should have knowledge on the type of product or service the company is offering. A call centre job could be anything from technical support to assisting in customer inquiries, say about credit cards or loans. This means that a call centre job is found in various industries, especially ones that deal closely with their customers. Still, a good number of call centre jobs are offered by the following business entities: ISPs, cable TV operators, telecom and financial institutions.

Different call centre job positions

*Inbound agents
People in this call centre job are mainly responsible for giving out product or service information. They answer client inquiries and handles complaints. They do these through phone calls, chats or emails. In this kind of call centre job, inbound agents are the ones who receive calls from clients.

*Outbound agents
This call centre job position requires making calls to prospective clients who might be interested of buying the products or paying for the services of a company. Usually, the main goal of people in this kind of call centre job is to close a deal or sale. Some outbound agents are even given a quota.

*Team leaders
People in this call centre job position are mainly tasked with the supervision of a group. Team leaders may handle 15 to 20 members, depending on the size of department or divisions in the company. To qualify for this call centre job position, aspiring team leaders should be willing to coach, motivate and assist agents so the team could perform at its maximum capacity.

*Technical support rep
This call centre job position entails receiving incoming calls and also attending to the troubleshooting needs of both hardware and software. Other tasks of a technical support rep actually depends on the type of company the employee is representing.

This call centre job position deals with training incoming employees, which includes diction or language training. Another set of training may focus on product information and sales.

Applying for a call centre job

When applying for a call centre job, better focus on your people skills. After all, this kind of job will most likely have you deal with clients 24/7. You need to have effective communication skills, strong persuasion and a favourable personality. During interviews, it would be best to show confidence and try to be as articulate as you can be. These can be your ticket to clinching a deal.

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